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Φάρμα Projekt ( Farma Projekt ), first began on a very hot day on August 12th, 2012. An idea. A concept . A vision. A festival, embracing the non-conventional forms of entertainment in Cyprus, devising a multisensory outdoors happening in a rural natural setting. Three Cocks Down, a non-profit organization managed to take this idea and transform it into a unique festival within a year. The first edition became a reality on July 13th 2013. Φάρμα Projekt was, is, and always will be a music festival dedicated to the people surrounding it. Our “family”, -composed of individuals passionate about their line of work-, has as a main goal primarily to enhance the festival education of Cyprus’ audience. An audience which responds to our efforts with exceptional support throughout the years. The team works hard all year round to provide the absolute festival experience no matter what. An experience combining selected music, upmost entertainment, and enchanting space aesthetics accompanying all that. In our family, quality comes first. Fun comes right after. And we know not how to compromise on either. As the name itself proclaims, Φάρμα Projekt (derived from the word farm) ,is a concept meant to combine the local Cypriot scene and international talent (regardless of expertise), in one common space specifically designed to welcome this union. Φάρμα Projekt manages to successfully expose this union for the rest of the world to see. Φάρμα Projekt is us. It is you and it is anyone who can identify with its concept. It’s a festival by festival goers for festival goers. Peace!

Our family keeps growing larger and stronger, as more of «us» are found among the people of this island every day. If you want to be part of this family in ANY way, shape or form you can possibly imagine, feel free to contact us at