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Serving Cocktails: Lost + Found’s logo has been updated to include two stars. It’ s a small design detail that customers probably won’ t notice, but for them, these stars represent a triumph against the odds. Just as a national football team stitches stars to its shirts to represent World Cup wins, Lost + Found’ s stars represent its own global recognition – membership of two editions of The World’ s 50 Best Bars. In 2015 the team of Lost + Found did what many people thought was impossible – they opened a bar in a market in malaise that could measure up to the best in the world. Since then, buoyed by its status, Lost + Found has become one of Europe’ s destination bars, with the trade and now tourists flocking to see it.
(text by Hammish Smith)


Serving Cocktails: Madame is an urban bar, found in the heart of the historical centre of Limassol. Madame opened its doors to the public three years ago, and since then it has been embraced and loved by all in Limassol. In a short space of time, Madame has become well known around Cyprus and abroad, and has been visited by people from all over the world.
Madame bar is located in Hero’s Square, which translates to ‘Platia Iroon’ to the locals. The square has always been a central hub for nightlife, spanning from the 20’s to the 90’s and was very well known as Limassol’s red light district. This formed the inspiration to name the bar ‘Madame’.
Now a day’s, Madame bar is surrounded by family run restaurants and the grand, Rialto Theatre. Madame’s surroundings draw in people of all ages, styles and cultures to enjoy a unique and well designed cocktail.

Serving Cocktails: Thegymconcept indulge in a made by passion experience of food and drinks. Our cocktails are lovingly prepared and the cooking is simple but very creative. Works of art, publications, jewellery, perfumes and other original limited edition pieces are among other personal choices to share with you.

Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece and residing in Cyprus since 2004, Constantinos Philippides is a vital member of the Cypriot bar industry. He worked in various bars around Nicosia until he finally co-opened his own bar in the center of old town of Nicosia, called Palaia Pineza. A dear friend to Φάρμα Projekt and with us since day one, Constantinos has been serving delicious concoctions to our festival’s crowd since 2013. If you didn’t have the chance to meet him, do yourselves a favor and go say hi. He will respond with a heartwarming smile and probably a fantastic drink will follow. And as he always say: If you are not doing it for you at least do it for the experience.


Story behind each bean is different and so is its flavor and aromas, and so is everyone’s choice of taste. We wanted to create a place where our customers can really get to know one coffee and help them find a brewing method that is most suited for their lifestyle to maximize their coffee drinking experiences.
To us, Brew Lab is more than just a coffee shop with the COFFEE TO GO service. It’s a social context, a set in which people make things happen, being free from the stress of home or work.
Brew Lab is a place where you can enjoy the best coffee in Cyprus with excellent quality products at very competitive prices. We think that people enjoy what we do because we enjoy what we do.

If there was a pulled-pork-university then Smokey Dee’s would be The Dean, Chancellor and Provost, all in one! These guys wrote the how-to booklet on pulled-pork. They specialise on slow food and smoking meat so they make sure they get the best that there is! The meat here breaks away so easily that literally melts in your mouth. The sausages are an added value unlike any other you can find in the market.
Behind the idea of Karozzeria are 3 friends from cyprus,having the same desire to bring pizza to a new level,they create the first moving pizza oven and traveling from place to place making healthy,fresh and delicious pizza in a traditional way!
We like to call ourselves nomadic caterers left free to cook anything and anywhere we wish. No limits to what we can do; our only principle is doing everything with loads of love. That is why even though we are both vegetarians, we never say no to cooking meat for anyone who asks for it. We like to think that we are doing our part in finding well-sourced meat and bringing it to maximum delight with our cooking! Let us explain here that the reason we chose to stop eating meat is because of the way it is mass produced in all BUT right conditions. It is very important for us (with all the food that we cook) to always find the best possible first materials we can. A few words on how our team works: FoodForest was founded by two girl-friends who share the same passion for yummy and healthy eating! They do not consider that they own FoodForest. They rather like to think of themselves as tiny organisms working in this complex system and therefore open to collaborations with other organisms who share those similar ideas. Love and creativity are the only things that motivate us, doing our part in the pyramid of life to bring you Food For The Soul.

Welcome to the tasty world of Crepaland, which stimulates children and adults with its tasty and delicious products. In 1998 the company fagoto creperie, had professionally developed in Argostoli of Kefalonia, the unique crepe recipe originally created in 1992. In 2005 the Logo fagoto creperie was replaced by today’s brand name, Crepaland, which successfully represents the chain of the most well known crepe outlets in Greece.

TRAP was created with just one thought in mind: to enhance, develop, and push electronic music across the island of Cyprus. Behind TRAP there is the team work of two long-time music lovers….but most, what gives us the spark and willingness to keep going, is our 1st class ravers dancing all night and day!
Why TRAP? Because in our mind we visualise a situation where the music keeps us there, trapped in our own sensation… and then the kick comes and frees us all!!
See you on the next dancefloor!
Notes And Spirits is a bar within an independent music label, or vice versa. We are bartenders, musicians, craftsmen, and everything in between. We strive for top-notch hospitality, distinctive flavours and quality sounds. Out here in these perimeters, we do believe in craftsmanship.



An upcoming hotspot in the centre of Limassol! Housed in a traditional old building in the middle of Zik Zak Street in Limassol and decorated with stone, wood and a lot of “green”, Mason Bar invites you to enjoy its signature cocktails or just chill with a beer in its hidden backyard! Visit Mason for some amazing nights with great music and lots of fun. Stay up to date and don’t forget to catch the weekly gigs, featuring the hottest local and international artists!

A unique type of workshop where you can find everything and nothing. There is not a single piece that comes out of this workshop without being contextualized beforehand by the inspirer Mike Christofides. A workshop that not only specializes in recycling, upcycling and customizing everything since 2010, but also a workshop that is responsible for ALL of Φάρμα Projekt’s installations since day one!
Pantelis Michellis was the first graphic designer of Φάρμα Projekt and created the visual identity of the projekt until 2016. He studied Graphic and Advertising Design at Frederick University. He practiced graphic design from 2012 till mid 2015, when then he started practicing tattooing and from 2016 he became a professional tattooer. Also he was a co-founder of the production team called BlackCut which was specialized in alternative video making (including all of Φάρμα Projekt’s promotional videos).
He is currently a full time tattooer at Proki Tattoo Cyprus under the name of “Ratliner”.
Our current Graphic Designer. Omiros Panayides is Lecturer at the School of Fine and Applied Arts at the Cyprus University of Technology and coordinator at the Semiotics and Visual Communication Research Lab. He studied Graphic and Advertising Design at Frederick Institute of Technology and obtained his MA in Graphic Design at the University of Arts London at Camberwell College of Arts. In September 2009 he represented Cyprus in the Applied Arts category at the 14th Biennale of Young Artist from Europe and the Mediterranean in Skopje. He is part of the Cyprus Association of Graphic Designers and Illustrators and co-founder of the creative team Draw Collective, which organizes lectures and workshops on the Cyprus design scene. His professional practice and research pivots around book art, typography and socially engaged design. He is currently working on designing and publishing the experimental zine Owk.

Φάρμα Projekt’ s space design coordinator:

Michael Pavlides is a qualified architect. He is also a summer camp director/ a hip hop dancer/ a pop trash tv culture analyst/ a radio show presenter/ a diver/ a climber/ a yogi and a Scout Leader. He is still trying to convince himself that he is a qualified architect- with experience.