Chris Blenda
Here goes a little something like this. Chris Blenda is the kind of DJ that has earned such an introduction to his story. His music influences start at home when he was too young to realise what he was listening but understood it completely at the same time. Around 1993 Chris was introduced to Salonika's, his home town, nightlife which opened his mind to a whole new world. He kept up with everything that was happening with no prejudice towards music genres based on an innate feeling that all should be listened to in order to truly know where his passion laid. Come 1998 he started experimenting with professional cd-players. That went on for two years until he caught his first break, performing at a local lounge bar. Since then he has had gigs and residencies around Greece and since 2005 all over the island of Cyprus where he resides permanently. There the crowd has encountered him at numerous places and events.