Dj Bkas
Charalambos Kleanthous a.k.a. Dj Bkas was born and raised in Cyprus, in the capital city, Nicosia. In 2010 he was introduced to the art of Djing, in which he became instantly passionate and has been performing for approximately 7 years. Bkas started Djing at Scarabeo bar, both Reggae and Hip Hop/RnB. In 2015, Bkas was introduced to Turntablism and vinyl. Turntablism motivated Bkas, and so he began to create his own DJ routines, including scratching and beatjugging. Today he is the resident DJ of "Urban Vibe", "Jamrock Reggae Party", "Strawberry Jam" and "The Throwback Concept". His Dj set can include from Hip Hop to R&B, Funky Beats and Rock & Roll, even Drum & Bass and Reggae.