Giannis Koutis
He was born in 1985 in Nicosia, Cyprus. Travelling to Greece he studied intensively the art of oud for three years next to the virtuoso oudist and composer Haig Yazdjian. He got his diploma in Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music passed with distinction and winning the first prize at The National Conservatory of Athens. He got his degree in classical guitar at Pythagorio Conservatory in Athens passed with distinction as also the degree of ABRSM Grade 8 passed with merit presented by the Greek well-known soloist and composer Costas Grigoreas. He attended lessons of Epirus Polyphonic Singing for two years at the Folk Instruments Museum of Athens “Fivos Anogianakis”. He participated in European music events, seminars and several music festivals. He has performed not only as a soloist but also on collaboration with bands promoting mainly his personal compositions. He has worked as a teacher at several music schools including the school of the Central Jails of Cyprus. In 2016, he completed his Master studies on Ottoman Music/Oud performance at the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam having as main subject teacher the world wide known virtuoso Neyzen Mr.Kudsi Erguner (UNESCO Artsist for Peace). He is currently working as a professional teacher and musician in the Netherlands.