Panais Plays
While studying acting in Thessaloniki, Greece, his love and passion for music and entertainment led him to the decks in several bars in the city. Alongside with his Dj sets, he worked on side projects. He taught Music Approach in Theatre Plays at the Rontides School of Drama, and was also a Radio Producer at Rock Radio Thessaloniki. Coming to Cyprus, alongside with acting, he broke through at the bar scene in Nicosia and Larnaca, as well as on the radio. To this day, he keeps doing what he knows how to do best. Making people laugh, dance, and starting parties out of nothing.
”For me, music is not just background noise. Music can (and should) be one of the greatest highs in life, regardless of genre, BPMs or release date. If it is well-played, it will be well-served and.. we’re gonna have a party!”